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Denver weather can cause huge maintenance issues. Be pro-active

Every year I walk the outside of my home here in Highlands Ranch on a sunny day like today, looking for tell-tale issues. Leaves hanging out of the gutters. Dripping faucets. Denver FrozenPeeling paint. Loose steps or sashes. Burnt out lights. All get my attention and I try to take care of them while we have good weather. Today it will be 70 and sunny but you never know around here what the Colorado weather will be like. As I drive through Denver seeing houses for sale I almost always see one of these:

Now, anyone who has been here for a while will tell you this can happen over night, and this is not an insurance claim you want to make. So walk around your Denver home and do a quick inspection before it does get this cold.

Homeownership, part of the American Dream: a home of your own where you can feel safe, raise your family, share with your friends and enjoy life. The benefits are easily recognizable but maintenance is just as real and should be considered.Denver Real estate Maintenance

Property taxes and insurance are two of the largest expenses homeowners have aside from their mortgage interest. But, as any homeowner knows, there will be occasional expenses for repairing toilets, faucets, windows and other things. There are also the significantly larger expenses that arise like replacing a water heater or HVAC unit. And don’t overlook the periodic maintenance like painting or floor coverings.

Financial experts suggest that homeowners save one to four percent of the home’s value per year for repairs and maintenance. Two to eight thousand dollars a year may sound like more than you’ll need but the cost of an air conditioning unit can easily be $6,000 and some homes have more than one unit, which hopefully, won’t need to be replaced in the same year.

Some homeowners purchase home warranties to avoid the unexpected costs. An annual premium instead of an unexpected large expenditure. Coverage varies from company to company and are not intended to cover existing conditions.

The alternative to not saving for these anticipated expenditures means that a homeowner might have to put it on a credit card at a very high interest rate or get a home improvement loan. Appreciation is a distinct benefit of home ownership and deferred maintenance can limit the value as well as lengthen the market time when it sells.

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