A Fix UP Story in Highlands Ranch

Last Friday I completed a “Fix & Flip” episode of my life. YAY!

Three years ago we bought a home with my daughter and they just moved into the mission field with YWAM. They will be going to Cebo in the Phillipines in December (see The Renton Family on Facebook…they need support). About July 1st they moved out of the house and into ours and I started “demo days” with a 30 yard dumpster in the drive. We filled it. I removed the fireplace, pulled all the cabinets in the kitchen, created a new floorplan, knocked down a knee wall and started renovations. See two before pictures below.

Then Joanna Gaines kicked in and we did a fair job of remodeling….me and my handyman and others, painters, flooring, electrician, HVAC guys re-located the flue pipe. Here are the results. https://tours.virtuance.com/1136571

Lessons learned:

THE BIG ONE: Plans are good but there are always delays. The contractor deserves a break. I acted as my own general contractor and planned coordinated everything, and did a lot of the work. If I had not been there directing the work, there would have been a lot of wasted time for the contractors. And now as a Realtor, I know what my investors face to make a profit. It is not as easy as it looks.

But here are some others…

1: I had 2 months of great fun swinging a hammer and worry trying to get it all scheduled as well as most of the grunt work/ framing/plumbing the new vanities/cleaning. I was only one week over schedule…that must be that engineer training…but not bad for a first/last time.

2: I really do have a pretty good eye for decorating.

3: I will NEVER do it again! My back hurts!

4: For the extra investment of $35k we made over and above that by about $30k. Sounds good but we already owned it and did not have to buy it on the open market first. My personal efforts also allowed that kind of gain. It all would have been absorbed by a contractor if we had hired one.

5: Do not ask me to do it again!

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