People ask this Denver Realtor “why a train?”  There is an earthiness, a sense of tradition and stability associated with a simpler time. It should be the same with real estate. The historical nature of Highlands Ranch, Littleton, Denver and Colorado as a whole fascinate me. But as a little boy I wanted to be a cowboy!

Denver Realtor Cowboy

Denver Realtor wanted to be a cowboy

So as a youth I was privileged to spend 2 summers in the Granby Colorado area wrangling dudes and playing the role of cowboy by helping lead them into and around Rocky Mountain National Park from the west side. Most of the time I was “tail end charlie” picking up dropped gear and hauling the pack horse. So many adventures, and a great appreciation of the mountains, the flora and fauna. And what you can see from the back of a trail horse at 12,000 feet above see level, or breaking snow over the ridge to the ranch…WOW!

Trains were a major part of Colorado’s history and today many of the back country roads were originally roadbeds for a railroad. Even some of our highways have old spikes buried in the dirt, but do not try to dig them up! Personally, I have never heard music as sweet as the “stack music” coming from a steam locomotive. I hope you get to experience it soon.

Another part of the Why a Train? answer is that even though we can still make these old monsters run there are better and more efficient ways of getting the job done. They also cause us to reflect on a simpler time when you did not need a 16 page real estate contract, rather a handshake would do. And so it is in the real estate business…the handshake still means a lot, but until it is reduced to writing it does not mean a thing. Sometimes those special deals require that handshake until we can figure out how to write that contract.