Videos to help find your Denver Home

Buying a home in Denver can be complex. Here is some study items to get familiar with the words, the Realtor interview, the agency agreement, how to search for that perfect home, the contract to buy, the inspection, the appraisal, the final underwriting, the walk thru and finally, the closing and moving in. Pete Doty, a Denver Realtor and his own broker for over 31 plus years is a resource available to you, the Denver home buyer that you should carefully investigate.

Deciding where to buy a home in Denver

Call Denver Home? A GPS only tells part of the story

Pete guides his clients through the process with that unique perspective that can only come from years in the industry, advising both buyers and sellers. So you know you will get direction and focus from Pete, and your interest are first and formost in his mind being an independent Denver Broker Owner, as well as a member of the Denver multiple listing service and the National Association of Realtors. So call Pete at 303-880-5585 ext 3

Denver Home Buying Process-1
The basics to start looking for a house

Denver Home Buying Process – 2
Why you need to get a loan first

Denver Home Buying Process-3   Finding that Perfect Home

Denver Home Buying Process-4   Buying real estate with Colorado Approved contracts

Denver Home Buying Process-5   Inspections and appraisals

Denver Home Buying Process-6   Closing and Moving IN!

ALL of these can be found on my YouTube channel:

or take a look at  to get an overall list of tricks and techniques available by working with Pete. Call 303-880-5585 ext. 3 to talk with Pete.