Barbeque Cooking Tips – in Denver

Denver Realtor and BBQ user Pete Doty offers these tips for a tastier and safer 4th of July weekend as well as throughout the year.

Use Tongs to Save Flavor
Turning foods with tongs will leave more of the juices and flavor on the food, and in your mouth instead of on the grill.

Clean Your Grill
Salmon on the grill is great unless you are cooking burgers. Clean the grill after each use with a wire brush. And occasionally, run the grill to its highest temp to burn off the excess grease that might clog the burners.

Season the Grill
After the grill has cooled and you have scrped brushed of the grunge, spread some vegtable oil on the grill and just let it soak a bit. Next time you grill, heat it up for a few extra minutes and you will get great results.

Less Sticking…more flipping
Before you fire up the barby spray the grill with a non-stick spray and the foods should flip easier…NOTE before you fire it up. The propellants in spray cans can be flamable. Also, non-stick sprays will help you keep the barby clean and more taste in the food…not on the grill.

NEVER USE A CHARCOAL BBQ ON A WOOD DECK!!! HOA’s in condominium units have no sense of humor when it comes to careless BBQing.

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