Denver & Our Aging Parents – 1 Aging in Place

The myths of aging are astounding to me, even here in Denver! For instance:

“Old People are all the same”!

Actually, all of us have lived very diverse lives and have an amazing collection of experiences and memories that we would love to share with others, even riding up a ridge of a mountain in a blinding thunder snow storm with a string of teenagers on horse back in front of me. I even discovered a map and the name of the mountain last year: Parika Peak and we rode right up the Continental Divide!

Here are some others:

“Families Dump Relatives into Nursing Homes”

“Old equals ill and Disabled”

“Old People are lonely and gradually withdraw”

“Older People Are Richer, Poorer Than Young People”

“Older People Are More Likely to be Victims of a Crime”

“Every Retiree Wants to Live in Florida”

“Older People Don’t Use Technology”

Six Living generations in Denver

Our aging generations

Where do your parents fall on this chart? Mine are long past but in the next installment you will see a chart on planning for their next home and where they are health wise. BTW all elderly folks say their health is GREAT! and I have a chart on that too.

I have found that most folks in Denver want to stay in their home and so we will be adding to this series a number of posts about adapting a home for aging in place. It certainly will not be a comprehensive list but it will give you some ideas, and of course I do have a list of contractors that could help make the changes you might need. One I learned of and never thought about was how throw rugs and runners can cause trips and fall because as one ages the height of the steps we take are lower and lower.

If you want to visit with me about this and my designation of Senior Real Estate Specialist please contact me.

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