Denver – Downsize or Right-size?

Denver has always been a “younger” community, at least until everyone I know now has grey hair! When did that change? Anyway, in my travels around town, we still seem to have that special sway to our step, an extra energy that emanates from us as we walk and yet I run into folks who want to move Mom in with them from other parts of the country (a move from sea level for someone with COPD is not a good idea). And they prepare to do so by getting a larger home with a separate  entrance and a main floor bedroom. Before we buy that house let’s talk about the possibilities and what is best for Mom or Dad:

AGING IN PLACE: This can be done in two very different ways…

Aging in the COMMUNITY: Everytime I speak with someone who is in this process of downsizing they really do not want to be uprooted and thrown into new surroundings having to find a new dentist or grocery or shoe repair…they like their surroundings. So staying in a comfortable community close to friends, activities and support services, but in a different home, a condo, apartment or a different house, might be the ticket.

AGING IN “MY HOME”: This is the preferred approach, (just ask them) and can be done by modifying the current home to make it less hazardous? Are there services available to help remodel. Just removing throw rugs can help a lot! There is more to it than that but first…

Yet when is it time? Here is a Planning Continuum that may help you…Denver Aging in place












As you can see from this graphic things in our lives can change quickly and if you are the care giver it may be difficult for others who are involved to understand that there is more of an “emergency” than they thought. As an example a simple stumble caused by a rug in a hallway may be an indicator that mom is shuffling her feet not raising them up and stepping. This is something that we notice in our aging parents in Denver and across the country. Yet it may be time to start considering a plan and devising ways to make her current home safer. Stretching carpet, and handrails are good first steps.

Next time: A Primer on HOW WE AGE and things we can watch for in our older friends here in Denver.

And of course, if you want to have a more private evaluation of your needs, this Senior Real Estate Specialist is more than happy to help here in Denver. Just CONTACT ME.


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