Denver Market Still Hot For Sellers

The continuing saga of the Seller’s market is moving toward its fourth quarter with no apparent let up in Denver. Here are the weekly stat charts in reverse chronological order. If I had known how much the below would tell us in terms of inventory and absorption, I would have kept more complete records. Clearly, Denver’s Real Estate market continues to have shrinking inventory syndrome with fewer homes coming on the market than are selling, every week!

As I have said before, this is more about us, the people involved than the inventory of homes for sale in Denver. You see, before we sell a home we have to have an overwhelming need to do so. It could be a job, a death, a new family, a smaller family, or mom needs to sell across town to get closer to us…but until that happens, or we can be greedy again, we will not “see what we can get” and try to sell our home.

Watch how the market has stayed the same through this year starting with 8-12-2014.

BOM is Back on Market and represent those properties that went under contract, but due to issues beyond anyone's control, did not make it to closing, came back on the market and add to the inventoryof homes available for purchase.

Denver CO Homes

August 12, 2014 New + BOM = 1529 U/C = 1613

Denver Real estate stats 8-4-2014

August 4, 2014  new + BOM = 1479 U?C = 1629

Denver Real Estate Stats 7/29/14

July 29, 2014  new + BOM = 1422 U/C = 1578 inventory

Denver real estate 7-21-2014

July 21, 2014 New + BOM = 1771 U/C = 1793

Denver Real Estate 7-15-2014

 July 15, 2014 New + BOM = 1652 U/C = 1705

July 8 2014 Denver realty

July 8, 2014 New & BOM = 1355   U/C = 1397

June 30 2014 Denver statistics

 June 30, 2014 New & BOM = 1674  U/C = 1674

April 29, 2014 Denver Real estate statistics

April 29, 2014 NEW + BOM = 1490   U/C = 1625

April 7, 2014 real estate statistics for Denver Colorado

 April 7, 2014 NEW+ BOM = 1485   U/C = 1765

Statistics for Denver Real Estate Market March 18, 2014

March 18, 2014 NEW + BOM = 1274   U/C = 1711

Should you be thinking about selling your home, in Denver, or anywhere in the country, I would appreciate you reaching out to me.

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