Denver Real Estate Inventory Shrinks

Yet another week when the Denver Real Estate market stays out of balance, in favor of the sellers. We continue to see more homes sell than are available in Denver. Therefore, prices will continue to edge upward, while the condition of offered properties will slowly deteriorate, making those in top condition ever more valuable.

Capture6-2After looking at this chart, one can see the trend, however see my previous posts for other 7 day charts to get the full flavor of my comments. Now here is a self serving comment or two:



The benefit of a “Buyers Agent” may not be fully clear in a market like this, especially when that agent also lists properties. The plain fact is that an agent who represents you and has heard the other side of the transaction (other sellers or buyers) respond to similar offers can help you make decisions that might help you win the bidding war. A home that is in exceptional condition might be worth taking a gamble on the inspection by waiving it. That is a valuable, and to the seller, a potentially costly part of any contract. This is one way to make your offer stand out. So when you are in the market to buy or sell that Denver Real Estate, give an experienced pro a call to discuss how they might help.

In some 29 years, I have not seen the same transaction twice, rather I have seen parts of them throughout that time. Each deal is different and each buyer and seller brings different experience and personalities to the table.

Denver Relocation.


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