Denver Relocation: Here are some tips for a warmer, safer winter season

Denver certainly has its share of surprise weather systems, going from 80 during the day to the 30s at night.  I remember a day where we went from 50 degrees to 26 inches of snow in 24 hours! So a Denver Relocation can surprise you. These things will help you stay warm & cozy…. (here is a picture of a surprise winter event…pretty eh?)Surprise Denver winter event

Make sure there are no gaps in insulation or crawl spaces that expose pipes to cold air, which could put the pipes at risk of freezing and bursting. When a cold snap is expected and a sink, shower or tub is on a n exterior wall, open the cabinets.


I use petroleum jelly to keep my hands from cracking…try it…my doctor recommended it!
Have your heating system checked by a licensed technician before cold weather requires daily use. You will find a great list of providers at

Denver Realtor recommends dis-connecting hoses

Denver Hose Bib

TAKE THE HOSES OFF THE HOSE BIBS to prevent flooding the basement next spring!

I always carry a blanket & boots in the car.
Block drafts around doors, windows and baseboards with weather stripping, window film and caulk to control heat loss.
Install storm doors and windows to improve energy-efficiency and get rid of drafts.
If you burn wood have your chimneys cleaned by an experienced chimney sweep to prevent the risk of a fire from buildup or blockages. Again, is a great resource.
Realtors pay attention here: Spray door locks with powdered-graphite lubricant to prevent freezing and sticking. I carry this stuff in the car and use it in my lock boxes too.

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