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Englewood was established as a gold camp and is close to where Little Dry Creek and the South Platte River join. The center of the new town formed around what today is Broadway and old Hampden Avenue and in 1919 encompassed some 65 buildings and it was largely a farming community. As access to the community became more and more important legend has it that Tom Skerritt plowed a furrow down the right side of the section line due north all the way to Cherry Creek, turned around and plowed another due south to where he had started. The next day he rigged his wagon with a large straight log chained to the rear and drug it up and down the center of the two furrows creating what is now known as Broadway in Denver.

One of the earliest bedroom communities of Denver, the city is immediately adjacent to Denver’s south city line. Many of the homes were built during the post World War II boom. As a matter of fact there are even some “WAR HOUSES” where they had been started before the war started and when the rationing started, there were not enough materials to build all of the walls. So they just put a roof on the basement! Portions of un-incorporated Arapahoe County are still known as Englewood due to Post Office rules when platted, and while these homes would be newer, the prices can start as low as the $190k range. All homes for sale with an address of “englewood” will be in the link below.

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