Got Spiders? In Denver? Denver Realtor shares some tips

Spiders: How do we get rid of these Pests?

Arachnophobia, the fear of spiders, seems almost universal. It is pretty rare to come across a spider lover, or someone who likes seeing these intruders around our homes, and so knowing how to get rid of the little crawlers would be considered very useful knowledge. Encountering spiders outside is pretty acceptable to most people, but when we come across them inside our living quarters the sight can sometimes be downright scary! Despite the fact their size is miniscule in comparison to ours, and that the common types that come into our homes are virtually harmless, there is just something about those little buggers that make us less than comfortable. Most people’s appropriate response would be to immediately kill and squash a spider after it has been identified, but how do we prevent spider populations from entering and inhabiting our homes in the first place? Here are some useful tips on getting rid of spiders in the home, which can also be applied to other small, intrusive pests:

  • GET RID OF MESS. It seems that keeping your home clean has many benefits, including spider and pest prevention. Many spiders find cluttered spaces incredibly cozy and think they make for the perfect places to live, so don’t give them that chance to settle in by keeping your home clean!
  • REMOVE THEIR PREY. Spiders are attracted to ants, flies and small bugs for food and so getting rid of those pests first can be a big help in preventing spiders.
  • SEAL ENTRANCES. Spiders are able to enter your house through small cracks and openings in your home. Make sure they are not given this opportunity by monitoring your house for cracks and unwanted openings and then fixing or sealing them shut when found. For openings in your house that are necessary, try to cover them with ventilated screens which do not allow spiders through.
  • LIGHTING. Spiders and their prey are very attracted to light, so be sure not to leave your outside lights on. A good alternative to your outdoor lights would be yellow sodium lights which do not attract bugs.
  • §         INSECTICIDES. Spray insecticide on the perimeter of your home as well as everywhere inside your home (preferably small spaces and window sills). Diatomaceous earth (DE) is a good insecticide as it is harmless to humans and pets.
    • If you feel uncomfortable spraying things around your house, some items that you can purchase just from the grocery store that repel spiders include: eucalyptus, horse chestnuts, and Osage hedge balls. Put them where you would spray insecticides.
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