Great Story about a Relocation

Client’s J & M were referred to me from another Realtor in KC. They had lived in metro Denver yet did not want to be in that same area of town. Their questions revolved around where the kids would play soccer, where the schools were, and where there was a community that was family friendly. Being late in the year the available homes that met their needs were scattered from Parker to Evergreen & Golden. While J & I reviewed the homes here when he traveled between job & KC, M was at home with the 2 pre-teen daughters who were going to be pulled out of their “hometown” and schools. WOW!
The day of decision got here, J & M were both here and we looked at everything on the market. They bought their home close to where I had first thought they would be most interested, closed and got the house packed to move from KC to move. They were on the road to Highlands Ranch and it was a snowy Sunday morning with about 6″ of snow. We were on the way to church, stopped by the house, my son in law & I cleared a walking path, and headed to church. Here comes a Kansas licence plate with a trailer.
Yes it was them. Well, it turns out he is a VP with a Fortune 500 company.
Now I am one of the Realtors in Denver working with their relocation company. Is that because my website is or because of my “vast knowledge” of the Denver Real Estate market? Hmmm. I like their words. Which would you like to describe you?

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