Hardest thing I have done in Highlands Ranch

We were blessed 10 years ago with a beautiful Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. And Sadie is still with us. She is so sweet (picture at facebook.com/petedoty) I decided that we should be involved in the Cavalier Rescue organization, to help those pups that need to be surrendered find their forever home.

Four weeks ago (while Linda was out of town) I accepted Jackie as a foster dog…just look at that face! She is a tri-color and so sweet, I fell in love right away. Of course, she is a cav…that is all you need to know about the sweetness.


Like any dog she has personality traits (a bit of a diva) but Jackie is not afraid of anything… climbing…jumping into a lap…a HUGE golden charging at her…nothing. Jackie is energetic and so loving, her name should have been ‘cuddles’ because it seems she could sit on your lap all day! Sneak and surprise lap attacks were difficult to accept originally, but desired after a while.

Jackie does have a hearing problem which means when we took her out she had to be on a lead, even in the snow.  Finally, one night Linda gave the OK to keep her…I was jazzed & shared with some friends the plan.

j10That night in my dreams and less than peaceful sleep I heard some j12words every foster dog parent needs to remember: “She is not your dog. You are dog sitting for someone you have not met! Someone who needs her more than you do”.

Today I took her to her forever home, the hardest thing I have done in these four weeks.  As you can see she has loads of personality, but when she lay her head on my shoulder and looked up at me the first time with those huge brown eyes she had my heart. However, the couple who adopted her have another cav they adopted and they live in a nice home in Greenwood Village. Jackie has stairs to climb and people to love.

I recommend the fostering experience. I am tender right now missing her but know Jackie is in a home where she is being loved even as we speak. She will be administering lap attacks tonight. And we will welcome her back into our home in Highlands Ranch anytime.

Do it. Take a foster dog. It is a good, growing experience. My special thanks to Carolyn Peterson of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club Rescue, and Wendy Younger, her able assistant here in south Denver for their help and these pictures.

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