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is on the southern end of the metro Denver and sits at an elevation of 5,682 feet above sea level. the south end of Broadway in Douglas County and encompasses an area of over 22,000 acres stretching from Santa Fe on the west to Quebec Street on the east. The community was created as a master planned community. Over one third of the acreage is dedicated to open space and parks. There are 4 recreation centers available for the use of any Highlands Ranch resident, some specialize in courts games, or swimming or even theater, therefore, visiting all 4 is highly recommended.

The property was originally a potato farm where Dad Clark made his living. Homesteaders kept coming and  John Springer acquired some 23000 acres and called his empire the Springer Cross Country Horse and Cattle Ranch. There was murder, extra marital affairs and intrigue that ensued between 1891 when the first part of the mansion was started, and 1937 when Lawrence Phipps bought the property and renamed it the Phipps Ranch which became Highlands Ranch in 1982.

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