Jackie was at Home in Highlands Ranch

photo 2aI posted a couple of days ago about Jackie our foster dog. I really enjoyed having her and I do miss her but absolutely will foster another dog in the future. She was so sweet and cuddly. Example: Her she is in our Highlands Ranch Home asking for a tummy rub! How could you ever let her go? She would climb up on my chest, plant her head on my shoulder staring at me with those great big eyes, and roll over into the nook of my right arm resulting in this pose. The girl clearly knows what she likes and how to ask for it. Oh that is Sadie who looks a bit put off by this interloper. Sadie has had the run of the house for 10 years and to have another dog was a bit of an imposition. They became friends.

Interestingly, Jackie is deaf so she was always on a leash. I am sure some self appointed covenant cop will blanch at the idea, but when Sadie & I go get the mail, she just charges out of the garage to the edge of the driveway sans leash here in Highlands Ranch. I have seen more than a few drivers slow down and I thank them for being watchful. On our walks to the Toepfer park & back, everyone was on a leash. Me too.

photo 1

Did the two of them get along? Yes but we needed some space: Here is a great shot Linda took…such a sad, sad look. Jackie was adopted by a sweet couple in Greenwood Village last week and she has a new older brother. They are getting along famously. A great breed Cavaliers. I WANT ANOTHER!

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