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This Denver Realtor again isCalum on his BIRTHDAY a Grand dad! Calum John Stewart Renton was born at the Royal Hospital in Edinburgh Scotland on the 10th of May 2013. He came into the world at 8# 15oz. My daughter and baby are doing well. Linda is there to help with the 4.75 year old daughter and as needed and will be back at the end of the month. I am speaking with her via Skype and this is Calum’s first picture in Gramsey’s arms. You know who was smiling!

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As a Realtor® Pete has been working in the Denver residential market since he first started in 1985, and focusing primarily in the south end of town. He finds the client the home they want, and then help them sell it when they want to move. Marketing is really where his heart is, and making sure his clients’ interests are watched over in Littleton, Highlands Ranch, Parker, Castle Rock, Centennial, Englewood, Morrison or Denver. His web site ranks high in search rankings and generates numerous relocating buyers each year. Talk to Pete for a unique perspective on today's real estate market in Denver.
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