Quick Nimble & Fast…the Denver Real Estate Market

Home buyers who come to Denver often want to impose their previous market conditions on Denver sellers…and It is even harder when you have a client coming from a lousy market where “we had to do this to sell our house. It took us 6 months,   it is already closed   so we can wait these Denver sellers out. They will lower their price and then we can low ball them some more. We are buyers and WE are in the driver’s seat!”
Then  the house sells in 19 days at full price and they act surprised.
Is that consistent with the Denver real estate market?

Single family homes

New listings in October: 3189
Sold Closed in October: 2993
Under Contract in October: 3030
Home Buyers need to be quick nimble and fast in Denver right now.
They CANNOT be slow lethargic and thoughtful.
The Average Denver Home sale price has increased OVER 12.5% from last year.
Now Buyers want to know why they cannot buy it for 20% off?
And what happened to all the foreclosures?
Drive the streets…how many for sale signs do you see?
Even more important, they need an experienced Realtor to help guide them (oh that is a shameless plug isn’t it?) 
If you feel you want candid open conversation about the real estate market in Denver, the suburbs including Highlands Ranch, or out in the country, give me a call. It would be my pleasure.
More Denver statistics from MetroList are available from www.DenverRelocation.com
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Denver Real Estate Market at a glance by Pete Doty

I checked some data again today as is my habit on the 15th and in October 2012 Denver Realtor s sold and closed almost 3000 homes in metro Denver. During that same period new listings, according to MetroList numbered 3189. Additionally, some 3030 properties also had contracts accepted and so they are classified as under contract.  We are selling everything that comes on the market! I do not remember that happening for a very long time!

I must explain that the numbers I reflect are from a geographic area that reflects the same area known as “Denver” when I started in the business in 1985 so there are many years of trend watching here. Bennett, Brighton, Boulder, and Evergreen just were not part of “Denver” back then. Metrolist has a larger view and I am adopting there efforts in reporting some of the real estate sales in Denver and so…

It would be so very helpful if you would look at http://www.DenverRelocation.com and give me feedback as to the benefit of the chart I placed there for you. Send me a note or add some feedback.  authored by Pete Doty

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Veterans Day Gift – from Pete Doty

Veterans deserve far more support than we can seem to manage as a country. This is a small thing you can do to pass on to your veteran friends. There’s a list of restaurants that are offering free meals to Veterans – be sure to check it out.

Veterans Day discounts (for Veterans)


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Rookie Season as an by Election Judge – by Pete Doty

This year, for the first time, I have volunteered to be an election judge in Highlands Ranch. Other than voting I have never participated in the process so this is a bit of an adventure for me. I am prepared for a long day…from 5:30 am to 9:30 pm. I cannot go out to lunch, and I cannot turn on a computer or other electronic device while in the polling location  (I guess that is like a vacation?). I can read a book (but not on an iPad) during the slow times but it cannot be political in nature as there is no electioneering within 100 feet of the polling place.

The hardest thing may be the chairs, typical school folding chairs. So I asked if I could bring my own and was answered that I could. I have an old secretarial chair I will take that is soft(?).

I will be working as a electronic poll judge, checking folks in and getting them to the next step in the process. Douglas County provided training for me on the entire process but also specific to my job. It is a very organized and detailed process and the organization is designed so that everyone has the opportunity to vote.

There are a huge number of election volunteers here in Highlands Ranch and throughout Douglas County (and the country) who actively participate and make sure the system works as designed. My rookie season hat is off to them…some of who have been active in this non-partisan process for decades as volunteers!

I will be at Mountain Vista High School in Highlands Ranch, so if that is your polling place and you have yet to vote, we should see each other.

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Tuesday is it.
Make a difference.

Bring an ID with a Colorado address (but only if you live in Colorado).


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Denver Real Estate News & Weather Report by Pete Doty

This morning we woke up to this and this is the Denver Real Estate News

of course the streets were clear and the air was crisp. The furnace was off and the house was 56 degrees this morning…cold feet!


Highlands Ranch Cherry Tree October 2012

Highlands Ranch Weather



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Highlands Ranch Eatery by Pete Doty

I was showing homes to some folks on Sunday and I knew they like to have an evening meal someplace special. When you have lived in an area for 23 years, most of the restaurants did not even exist when we moved in. There are some that are located in the old post office, but you would never know it.

Anyway, I suggested a Littleon favorite that has a store in Highlands Ranch: Romano’s; and they were thrilled. The pizza was great for the son and all the vegetarian dishes were perfect for the palettes of these hungry folks. “You knocked it of the park with that one” was the review.

Having eaten at Romano’s a number of times in Littleton and Highlands Ranch, it was good to hear they still have game on. They are at Springer Drive and Broadway

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Highlands Ranch in the fall

Highlands Ranch fall color from Denver Realtor

Vibrant fall color in Highlands Ranch

One of the things we love about Highlands Ranch are the bright fall colors we get to see every year, and the fact we have all four seasons here. The mountain ash trees are a favorite in the “city” because they are hardy and offer stunning colors like these. Our bright blue skys and sunny days really help too.  Fortunately, the Highlands Ranch Metro District has planted loads of them along major roadways and home owners have discovered how nice they are as well. They certainly add to the street appeal for this time of year.

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“Bird Dogging” generates Littleton Leads

For close to 20 years a group of professionals have been meeting for breakfast every Thursday in Littleton to share business opportunities thay have discovered for each other.  It is similar to old fashioned Bird dogging. As a Realtor  the state rules say I cannot pay folks to do this for me. I can give them leads that help their business grow. It is mutually beneficial, that is why I have been attending for almost 19 years. Try it one Thursday and see if your business expands.

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Highlands Ranch is not out of reach..rent is too high!

I was just thinking about a house payment versus rent. Lots of folks yell about this on the radio, but you may find this interesting.

A $300,000 loan at 3.25% results in a $1303 principle and interest payment.

Add to that monthly taxes of $180, insurance of $100 and HOA dues of $45 for a total payment of about $1628 per month.

How much down payment is required? 3.5% or $10,500 for down payment PLUS closing costs. Often, Sellers can be convinced to pay them, or the interest rate can be adjusted to cover them.

So for less than what you are currently paying for rent, you can own a home…

REMEMBER, I am a REALTOR, not a lender. Check my figures with a reputable lender.

Or check mine out under the BUYER tab at www.DenverRelocation.com

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