Growing up in Highlands Ranch a memory from my daughter part 2

The Northridge rec center in Highlands Ranch was a couple of miles (it felt like more) away from our house along the park path. My sister and I would cycle along the path to the center to go swimming or for one of the many out of school workshops. It would feel like we were on the path for hours, and would pretend that no one had been along the path for years (even though there were children’s toys abandoned very recently, and houses within a few feet of the path). At the rec center, we would have lots of fun swimming, playing sports, and even doing some arts and crafts. By the time we were due to go home, we were often so tired that we would have to phone our mom to come and pick us up in the car – the long treck home was too much to bear.


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A Broncos win means what to real estate in Denver???

When the Denver Broncos win the super bowl the city will go into a party mode for a week or two. We, as a population will be distracted by the enormity of the win, and the visibility our state and city gets. I personally live in the suburbs of Denver, specifically Highlands Ranch, because it is a bit more relaxed and not quite so noisy, especially when events like the super bowl, the Stanley Cup, or the World Series mark their mark locally. There are folks who will toot their horns, drive a little faster and display those flags on their cars, but it is generally quiet.

As to real estate here, the market will not shut down, but because so many folks are distracted by events in New Jersey, the sense will be things are slow, but only for a week or two. I know I am fighting that even now, 5 days before the big show. Folks are not taking time to talk about buying or selling houses because they are out buying party supplies, or jerseys.

But it will return to “more than normal” about the first of March. Just as it has in the past, when we won with John Elway, or even when we lost with Craig Morton & Norris Weiss against Dallas (I really had to scrounge for an orange shirt that year as I was in New Orleans, working).

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How is the Denver real estate market?

Most real estate agents try to answer this with “average sale price” is up and then they will say the market is good. 2006 & 2007 were our best years in terms of value in Denver real estate, until last year, 2013. In terms of VOLUME and average price 2013 is unmatched…see below

When is the best time to list my house?

Chart 1 demonstrates the number of closed sales each month of each year since 2008 (2013 is the top line). The real estate contract for sale in Denver typically occurs a month before closing, so seeing a spike in closings in June or July means the contract was received in May and that house would have to go on the market starting in March or April at the latest. It seems the homes that get the highest price every year are on the market in March and close 30 to 45 days later in May or June.

What is my house worth?

It depends on your neighborhood; the sales and the level of competition. Do you have plans for this year? May we talk? You can also plug in your pertinents here to get a rough idea of its value. & Solds

4 Seasons of economic cycles… is it too late for me?


When to Sell My House? Lots of folks ask that…most Realtors say “now!” This chart may tell you “why”? Simply, inventory is still low and per last year’s sales figures, demand is still high.

ChartImgGetting ready to sell can take some time and a plan is helpful. What do I “need to do?” versus “what should I do to get ready?” If I were thinking of making “that” move, I would be planning to list the house between now and April 1st. If you would like to create an action plan together drop me a note, or call.

You see, a Realtor’s job is to market your home; to get enough people through the door that at least one will decide to make you an offer.  Your job is to make the decisions about price, condition and availability. Together, the objective is to get the house sold. A Realtor should also assist in the negotiations. You just don’t take a knife to a gun fight.

Hey, I know I am not the softest, fluffiest guy, but I do know how to market your home, to get the most buyers through to get you an offer. And I am a certified negotiation expert. That is what you want, correct?

PLEASE: Your introductions are critical to my continued success!

I look forward to meeting your friends , family or co-workers. Thanks!

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Denver Realtors when to list home

Denver Realtor – Pete Doty, is asked 3 questions at this time of year:

How’s the Market? Very HOT for sellers.

What is My House Worth? Try an automated value Denver Home - Pete

When is the Best Time To List My House? When you are ready to move. I can help with the timing. Yet there are seasonal concerns too.

To see Pete’s most current Newsletter go to Denver Real Estate News

Of course the best option is to give Pete a call to talk about the market: 303-880-5585.

Let his 30 plus years help you.

Planning is critical so he advises clients to read and study these statistics to make a good decision about timing the Denver Real Estate market this year. And make a note: There are many “SHIFTING” statistical analysis’s of Denver’s real estate market. Some data from here, some from there. The only one that matters is one for your neighborhood. Make sure you talk with the trusted source for information, not the just rookie Realtor. Beware of the overly optimistic estimate of your houses value.

And remember the attributes you want in your Realtor:

Marketing Experience to position your home in the Denver and your local market.

Specific Pricing strategies for your neighborhood that can only gained from experience.

Negotiation skills on all phases of the sale.

True knowledge of the process and a never let die attitude for every deal.

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Denver Real Estate Market, in the tank???

What has happened to the Denver Real Estate market ? It is a good question, but as best I can tell 3 things:

The multiple offers we had in Denver this spring have caused buyers to be skittish about getting into a bidding war, and interest rates got so low for a while, then rose about 1%; not a lot; but any excuse not to do something is a good one for a nervous buyer.

Denver’s average asking price of homes got higher faster than the buyers liked, therefore home buyers have started to feel they were priced out of the market. Buyers do not like to “low ball” an offer in Denver as it is “embarrassing”.

This year we have had a season of fires and floods here in Colorado. Some folks are distracted by that news much as I have been!  I closed a transaction last week where a supplemental inspection for flood damage had to be done, in the Cherry Creek Area of Denver (no flooding there). It was required by the underwriter at the mortgage company because of the FEMA disaster declaration. In the past there were homes we could not get insurance on because of the fires in the state. This distraction will fade for most of us.

What is my upshot on the current Denver Real Estate market condition report? Things have not really changed, and for sellers who want to wait till spring (February/March) it could be worth the wait. SPRING will bust out all over again as the supply is still low. Buyers on the other hand may make their own situation worse by waiting further. They should take advantage of the sellers in Denver who have not sold in 30 days like folks did this last spring and the historical interest rates now available. But it seems every Realtor and loan officer tells you it is a great time to buy a home. It is my sincere opinion that this is the best opportunity Denver Home Buyers will see for many years to come.

Finally; sellers and Realtors need to be honest with themselves about the  prices they are asking for their homes in Denver or Littleton or Highlands Ranch, especially at this time of year, as ultimately that is what will sell a house.

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4 Fun and Useful Energy-Saving Projects for Denver Home Owners

Denver home owners are used to sealing air leaks, adding insulation, and swapping out incandescent light bulbs with LEDs as great ways to boost their home’s efficiency. But if you’ve been there, done that, check out these four easy-to-make blogger projects. Each has an energy savings benefit. And, unlike those drafty windows you fixed, these projects are fun to brag about.

Read more:

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Denver Realtor shares: What Home Improvement Projects Give the Most Value?

Being a Denver Realtor for 28 years now, I am always looking for resources for you. You see, the more information  I give you about buying and selling houses on the front end, the more informed you are and I have an easier transaction…without all the drama that your newly licensed friend may cause. One source is The National Association of Realtors that does annual studies on these issues and here are the projects most likely to get you a better return on your dollar. These are from NATIONAL sources; not just Colorado so READ MORE.

When you want to buy or sell a home in metro Denver, and you want up to date advice, call me. 303-880-5585.

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Not always Denver Real Estate

This Denver Realtor again isCalum on his BIRTHDAY a Grand dad! Calum John Stewart Renton was born at the Royal Hospital in Edinburgh Scotland on the 10th of May 2013. He came into the world at 8# 15oz. My daughter and baby are doing well. Linda is there to help with the 4.75 year old daughter and as needed and will be back at the end of the month. I am speaking with her via Skype and this is Calum’s first picture in Gramsey’s arms. You know who was smiling!

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Denver Realtor – is it time to stretch?

Not many Denver Realtor s can say they were here when. That is experience talking. See my website I started in 1997 at

Please allow this Denver Realtor to offer some advice for home buyers: STRETCH FOR AS MUCH HOME AS YOU CAN. or in other terms Buy as big a home as you can afford.

I know it is hard to know the future and the past is no guarantee of the future but in 1984 I was laid off. No jobs and Denver s Real Estate market was looking bleak, heck the economy was headed into the tank ( It took the rest of the country 2 years to figure it out). So by 1989 there was a lot of gloom and doom and we were sure that the world would end, at least economic world. It turned out it was time to buy real estate.

From 1989 until 2007 the Denver Real Estate market flourished posting pretty steady gains almost every year until 2007. The bottom of the market started to feel mushy in 2008 and fell out in 2009. Denver Homes and Realtors started to leave the market. Rookies Realtors have a hard time of it in a down market so there were fewer new licenses than ever before. Today, 4 years later every one you know thinks it is a great idea to get a real estate license. And the prices of homes are going up. Who will you choose to be your advocate in the negotiations? NEWBIE? or Seasoned Pro?

And neighborhood histories, if you know them, can be your friend, or not! Some homes were not built well. Some neighborhoods were “over mortgaged” by the well meaning lenders back in the day. Part of knowing the Denver real estate market history is knowing the downside as well as todays ever present upside. Somebody asked me the other day to look at an area for them, “cause the deals were fabulous”. And that is only because the neighborhood took the worst hit economically in this latest downturn in Denver. I am happy to help them buy there, but they need to know the pattern does not change.

Some areas retained 90% of their prior value. Some streets in those areas lost value. A home backing up to a busy street loses its value faster than a comparable home backing up to a greenbelt. So, if you can afford it today, stretch for that walk out or that  greenbelt location. It will be well worth it. That is my advice. Also, choose a seasoned pro to work with. Nothing wrong with newbies…they just do not know what they do not know.

That is this Denver Realtor’s story today, and I am sticking to it. Want to talk? Call me at 303-880-5585

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Denver Realtor has a sad buyer story in Centennial

I had a Denver Realtor call on the 10th about a property I had put on the market on the 19th of last month in Centennial.

He knew it was under contract but his clients wanted him to make a back up offer, or write up a contract to buy and sell  real estate in case the current deal dies. They were not ready to sell when they saw it come on the market (I already have 2 back up offers).

Their house still is not on the market. They do have a loan in place, but only if they sell their house. They need a seller who will accept a contingency.

It never fails…I have clients who really want to move; BUT, they want to see their new home first.

Most folks have to get inside and look at quite a few homes before choosing one. The internet has not changed that, except now we can view a home online, and everything speeds up. And the pictures are not always accurate.

Then, when they do find “the” home they cannot move forward because they are not “READY”. Their loans are not lined up (lender). Their house is not staged and ready to sell (Realtor & craftsmen). Their earnest money is not available. They have a wedding and 2 graduations this year so their lives are not ready to move. They need a realistic price range and listen to the advice offered. They need a plan and most of all, commitment. AND, they need someone they can trust!

I want to schedule an appointment to talk about creating a plan to sell your house.

Learn more by visiting

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