Denver STILL Out of Balance

Looking at the Denver Real estate statistics while in a class in Vail about marketing I took another weekly snapshot of the mls. Again, more under contract than new listings entering the market. Go check out the previous few weeks and see the other snapshots to see what has been happening here.

Capture6-9 So when you are thinking about selling your home, strategic planning for the marketing of your home is critical. Local market knowledge can maximize the price you get, when you do sell.

When you want information on the process of how to sell a home, how the proceeds are determined, or how to review a market valuation, drop me a note. I work and live in Highlands Ranch as well as the other cities listed below.

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Denver Real Estate Inventory Shrinks

Yet another week when the Denver Real Estate market stays out of balance, in favor of the sellers. We continue to see more homes sell than are available in Denver. Therefore, prices will continue to edge upward, while the condition of offered properties will slowly deteriorate, making those in top condition ever more valuable.

Capture6-2After looking at this chart, one can see the trend, however see my previous posts for other 7 day charts to get the full flavor of my comments. Now here is a self serving comment or two:



The benefit of a “Buyers Agent” may not be fully clear in a market like this, especially when that agent also lists properties. The plain fact is that an agent who represents you and has heard the other side of the transaction (other sellers or buyers) respond to similar offers can help you make decisions that might help you win the bidding war. A home that is in exceptional condition might be worth taking a gamble on the inspection by waiving it. That is a valuable, and to the seller, a potentially costly part of any contract. This is one way to make your offer stand out. So when you are in the market to buy or sell that Denver Real Estate, give an experienced pro a call to discuss how they might help.

In some 29 years, I have not seen the same transaction twice, rather I have seen parts of them throughout that time. Each deal is different and each buyer and seller brings different experience and personalities to the table.

Denver Relocation.


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Denver Real Estate wild ride continued

Every week I seem to say the same thing, the Denver real estate market is wacky!

Yet again this week we see the same continuing trend…more under contract than coming on the market. Or siad another way, more demand for homes than supply of homes.

The upshot will be prices seller’s ask for their Denver Homes will be higher than the same model that sold last month around the corner. And until the trend reverses, prices will continue to go up.

Denver Real estate TrendsSO, buying a house in Denver will require 1: comittment to the process; 2: Funds available for earnest money; 3: A verifiable loan officer; and finally flexibility in deliver dates. OH yeah, most of the time negotiating in our market is getting there first. If you want some help with this, feel free to contact me.

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Memorial Day – WHO will you remember?

Too often many of us (and I include myself among us) think of Memorial Day as Race Day or Day Off Work Day.

It was originally called Decoration Day to honor those who died in service to our country. Too many young men of my age went, and I did not have to because of their service. For those who lost someone special such as Porter Rathbun, thank God for them being in your lives and remember them. For those of you who made it through, and came home, THANK YOU!

Many people then started using it as a day to revere the memory of any family member or friend who passed on.

If you follow the tradition of honoring service men and women, I salute you. But all of us — whether we honor the original tradition of Memorial Day or not — should take a moment to remember the people we were close to — parents, special relatives, close friends — who have passed on. They meant the world to us in life, and we should all take a few moments to remember the lessons they taught us, the way they made us laugh and smile, the secrets that we shared with them.

That keeps them alive in our hearts and minds.

Who will you remember this Memorial Day?

Denver Relocation.

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No Change in Denver Real Estate

It is the same crazy Denver Real Estate market as it was in March. Here are 3 different snapshots from 3 – 7 day periods. Do you see a change? This is May 19th…Capture





Here is May 14th…Denver Real estate market





And here is April 28th Denver Real Estate






And here is the market snap shot for all of Denver Real Estate in April (sorry it is fuzzy):Market Snap April 2014

Homes are still selling faster than they are coming on the market. Prices continue to increase. Talk to me before you list your Denver Real Estate.

The Nightline story last weekend was pretty accurate about the folks trying to buy a home in Highlands Ranch, except, with a plan, and a responsive system in place, even those folks will be successful. What is needed is an approach that has been proven through the years (the 1993 uptick, the 2006 uptick) to work, and a Realtor who knows Denver and how to quickly respond to you. It needs the kind of commitment that a full time occupation requires to get you to the house, get an offer written and get you under contract. And it could well require extra mileage to get the job done in this crazy Denver Real Estate Market.

Let’s build a plan to find that perfect Denver Home (oh that was a shameless plug wasn’t it?).

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This matters Denver Real Estate

I was told we had national exposure last night about the Highlands Ranch & Denver Real Estate market on “Nightline”. If you missed it here is a link

People can say a lot and not substantiate it, except in a anecdotal format. And most times those stories are poo poo’d by the listeners as being hype. I have found it really is happening just like it is being reported but not in all price ranges.

Denver Real estate market

Denver Real estate market

This chart tells me it is happening…I created it a few minutes ago from the Metrolist data base for the Denver real estate market. I will attempt to do this weekly so check back often or subscribe to my less frequent newsletter at (if you go there now you will see a similar chart from a couple of weeks ago).

The entire spring season, the market has been this off-balance, with about 20% of our listings coming back on the market; (buyers are scared the bottom will fall). But until the Sellers out number the buyers the market will not cool. It will happen seasonally this fall/winter. Prices will eventually increase enough to cool the buyer’s enthusiasm but that will be seen in the number of listings increasing. And those who have heard me talk before on this know there is one factor that increases price or decreases it…the supply of homes to buy.

Buyer’s can get loans. Sometimes appraisers cannot keep up with the increasing values. However, a professional Denver Realtor should know how to appease the appraiser’s fears. And they do have fears because so many lost licenses just a few years ago.


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Spring snow & your Trees in Highlands Ranch

For those of you in south metro Denver including Highlands Ranch you might want to read this From Landscape Connection:

Due to the amount of snow we received over night, please remember to brush snow off the trees and shrubs if the snow is weighing down the branches. You can use a broom or snow shovel and hit the branches from the undersides, not from the top as you could break the branches.

Turn off your irrigation clock and cover your backflow with insulation or a hefty plastic bag if it is not covered already, we are suppose to get below freezing tonight.

Cover your tender plant material if they have to stay outside, just make sure the cover stays elevated.

Happy Spring!!!!

Landscape Connection

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NEW Highlands Ranch Restaurant

I was over at the post office near the AMC 24 in Highlands Ranch and where I was used to seeing the Romanos sign was something different; BESO. I decided to walk in and the owner greeted me telling me he had been open two weeks. He specializes in Spanish Tapas small plates and has a wine bar too.

The aroma told me I need to go back and the menu looked intriguing. He offers a Happy Hour special as well. The address is 32 W Springer Drive, Highlands Ranch. If you know where the Outback is you are there, just go across the street to the south. And for a look at that menu go to

Every new place needs an introduction and this gentleman’s enthusiasm for his product certainly will do him well. I was surprised to find something new where Romanos had been, more so because Romanos has been such a good performer in Littleton all these years. That store on Windemere is still open.


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Jackie was at Home in Highlands Ranch

photo 2aI posted a couple of days ago about Jackie our foster dog. I really enjoyed having her and I do miss her but absolutely will foster another dog in the future. She was so sweet and cuddly. Example: Her she is in our Highlands Ranch Home asking for a tummy rub! How could you ever let her go? She would climb up on my chest, plant her head on my shoulder staring at me with those great big eyes, and roll over into the nook of my right arm resulting in this pose. The girl clearly knows what she likes and how to ask for it. Oh that is Sadie who looks a bit put off by this interloper. Sadie has had the run of the house for 10 years and to have another dog was a bit of an imposition. They became friends.

Interestingly, Jackie is deaf so she was always on a leash. I am sure some self appointed covenant cop will blanch at the idea, but when Sadie & I go get the mail, she just charges out of the garage to the edge of the driveway sans leash here in Highlands Ranch. I have seen more than a few drivers slow down and I thank them for being watchful. On our walks to the Toepfer park & back, everyone was on a leash. Me too.

photo 1

Did the two of them get along? Yes but we needed some space: Here is a great shot Linda took…such a sad, sad look. Jackie was adopted by a sweet couple in Greenwood Village last week and she has a new older brother. They are getting along famously. A great breed Cavaliers. I WANT ANOTHER!

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Hardest thing I have done in Highlands Ranch

We were blessed 10 years ago with a beautiful Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. And Sadie is still with us. She is so sweet (picture at I decided that we should be involved in the Cavalier Rescue organization, to help those pups that need to be surrendered find their forever home.

Four weeks ago (while Linda was out of town) I accepted Jackie as a foster dog…just look at that face! She is a tri-color and so sweet, I fell in love right away. Of course, she is a cav…that is all you need to know about the sweetness.


Like any dog she has personality traits (a bit of a diva) but Jackie is not afraid of anything… climbing…jumping into a lap…a HUGE golden charging at her…nothing. Jackie is energetic and so loving, her name should have been ‘cuddles’ because it seems she could sit on your lap all day! Sneak and surprise lap attacks were difficult to accept originally, but desired after a while.

Jackie does have a hearing problem which means when we took her out she had to be on a lead, even in the snow.  Finally, one night Linda gave the OK to keep her…I was jazzed & shared with some friends the plan.

j10That night in my dreams and less than peaceful sleep I heard some j12words every foster dog parent needs to remember: “She is not your dog. You are dog sitting for someone you have not met! Someone who needs her more than you do”.

Today I took her to her forever home, the hardest thing I have done in these four weeks.  As you can see she has loads of personality, but when she lay her head on my shoulder and looked up at me the first time with those huge brown eyes she had my heart. However, the couple who adopted her have another cav they adopted and they live in a nice home in Greenwood Village. Jackie has stairs to climb and people to love.

I recommend the fostering experience. I am tender right now missing her but know Jackie is in a home where she is being loved even as we speak. She will be administering lap attacks tonight. And we will welcome her back into our home in Highlands Ranch anytime.

Do it. Take a foster dog. It is a good, growing experience. My special thanks to Carolyn Peterson of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club Rescue, and Wendy Younger, her able assistant here in south Denver for their help and these pictures.

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