Littleton Networking Group

I am in a group that meets in SouthGlenn…This system is about LEADS for our businesses, not just glad hand networking and business card stabbing. How do I know? I have been in the group for over 21 years. If you are in the area and want to expand your business success, join us November 12th for our open house.

Here are some comments from our members and why you should consider joining Our LEADS CLUB:
“We have fun with each other in a professional way”. “Regular mixers too”.
“The number of quality outside leads that come in”
“The quality of the people make the leads STRONG; not soft & fuzzy”
“2/3rds of our members have been here for over 4 years”
“We are intentional in our efforts to help each other”
“Our members have longevity in their industries which equals competence and confidence in them”
“We get lots of presentation time to polish our skills”

So who do we need to join?
We always are looking for quality folks who work in the Littleton area and our chapter currently has openings for
Commercial Realtor, Dentist, Florist, Photographer, Event Planner, Landscaper, Acupuncturist, Interior Designer, CPA/Accountant, Advertising Specialties, Marketing Consultant, House Cleaning, Caterer/Chef and more…just ask.
You can look for the SouthGlenn Co-ed Chapter.
Our chapter has been around for 24+ years.
We meet every Thursday at 7:30 AM at The Egg & I at 6890 S University just east of Southglenn.
Daily cost for breakfast is $10.
If you only drink coffee there is an arrangement of some kind.
We do not require leads. We do want your attendance. So we focus on quality, not quantity.
Our normal sequence, 30 second intro, announcements, pass leads, 3-10 minute member presentations, 30 second “good leads for me”, dismiss (the target is 8:45 but we are out by 9:00). With 22 members it can be hard but I have seen it done with 27.

Contact me if you think you can make it.

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Highlands Ranch Hometown Holiday

The tradition continues on December 5th with this old fashioned celebration, including hayrides, strolling carolers, local choirs, reindeer, not to mention Santa & Mrs. Claus. They arrive at 5 to light the tree but must leave to get back to the North Pole at 7:30 so don’t be late getting to Town Center South in Highlands Ranch (Broadway & Highlands Ranch Parkway).

By the way, there is no charge for this Highlands Ranch homeowners association activity. More info at
Also look at  Denver Relocation.

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What will happen to…

The phrase “hang up the phone” when there are no cradles to hang the phone in?

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Denver Real Estate needs winterization

Living in Denver* can allow winter to sneak up on us sometimes, and so a reminder to do some things around the house before the snow flies can be valuable. Here are some tips I have learned over the years:

  1. Remove hoses from the faucets. Drain the hose and store.
  2. Replace the batteries in the thermostat
  3. I like to use a winterizer lawn food with weed & feed
  4. Shut down the sprinkler system
  5. Pansies & Mums are great plants for color this time of year.

Winterizing a VACANT home in Denver is another thing all together. Often when showing homes, or when we represent relocating sellers, the relocation company requires the property to be winterized, in case the heat goes off. We do not want the toilets to freeze & crack, or the p traps under the tub to do likewise. If you need craftsmen to assist in this go to Vendors that have performed well in the past

*Did you know only about 25% of the population in the Denver Metro area actually live in “Denver”. The rest of us live in the outlying towns or suburbs like Littleton, Highlands Ranch, Englewood, Centennial, Parker or Castle Rock. Oh there are more but the point is out of about 2.25 million in the Denver metro area only about 650,000 live in the city limits of Denver.


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Just 29 days in Denver, Average!

That is how long it takes to sell a home in Denver, on average.
Here are the graphs that tell the story…can you “time” a market like this?


Capture average PriceHere are the average sale prices for the last 3 years in Denver. I am sure you can see the peaks and valleys.


The inventory of homes compared to the sales of the month in Denver. Sure, more are selling, but there are fewer to choose from!  See more at and

Capture-inventory & Solds

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Hot Denver Real Estate market creates a Lease Back

Denver is a very hot real estate market with an average of 28 days on the market, so how do you sell and then buy a home? There are a couple options and tools you might use…
1. Buy a new home contingent upon the sale of your home….but most sellers will not accept that deal; would you?
2. Require a long closing period so you can go find a home…however interest rate “locks” will expire sooner than we might like.
3. Ask for a fast closing and offer to lease the property back from the buyer…this allows a good interest rate, and the buyer benefits from the appreciation they may gain. You may not have to move twice. This is a win – win.
Before you decide list your Denver home or to go out to look for a home lets talk about the process. Coordinating two sales or a daisy chain is something we have done for years, so it is not new. Sitting down and talking costs you nothing.

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Denver Market Still Hot For Sellers

The continuing saga of the Seller’s market is moving toward its fourth quarter with no apparent let up in Denver. Here are the weekly stat charts in reverse chronological order. If I had known how much the below would tell us in terms of inventory and absorption, I would have kept more complete records. Clearly, Denver’s Real Estate market continues to have shrinking inventory syndrome with fewer homes coming on the market than are selling, every week!

As I have said before, this is more about us, the people involved than the inventory of homes for sale in Denver. You see, before we sell a home we have to have an overwhelming need to do so. It could be a job, a death, a new family, a smaller family, or mom needs to sell across town to get closer to us…but until that happens, or we can be greedy again, we will not “see what we can get” and try to sell our home.

Watch how the market has stayed the same through this year starting with 8-12-2014.

BOM is Back on Market and represent those properties that went under contract, but due to issues beyond anyone's control, did not make it to closing, came back on the market and add to the inventoryof homes available for purchase.

Denver CO Homes

August 12, 2014 New + BOM = 1529 U/C = 1613

Denver Real estate stats 8-4-2014

August 4, 2014  new + BOM = 1479 U?C = 1629

Denver Real Estate Stats 7/29/14

July 29, 2014  new + BOM = 1422 U/C = 1578 inventory

Denver real estate 7-21-2014

July 21, 2014 New + BOM = 1771 U/C = 1793

Denver Real Estate 7-15-2014

 July 15, 2014 New + BOM = 1652 U/C = 1705

July 8 2014 Denver realty

July 8, 2014 New & BOM = 1355   U/C = 1397

June 30 2014 Denver statistics

 June 30, 2014 New & BOM = 1674  U/C = 1674

April 29, 2014 Denver Real estate statistics

April 29, 2014 NEW + BOM = 1490   U/C = 1625

April 7, 2014 real estate statistics for Denver Colorado

 April 7, 2014 NEW+ BOM = 1485   U/C = 1765

Statistics for Denver Real Estate Market March 18, 2014

March 18, 2014 NEW + BOM = 1274   U/C = 1711

Should you be thinking about selling your home, in Denver, or anywhere in the country, I would appreciate you reaching out to me.

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Real Estate news from Denver CO

Denver real estate data

Weekly bar chart showing sales, under contract & new listings

In Denver 1652 properties came on the market in the last 7 days while 1705 had contracts accepted and went off the market. There is still more demand in the Denver Real Estate market than supply. In addition 187 were withdrawn from the market. More homes are selling in Denver than those going on the market. Therefore, new home builders will rush, from across the country to fill the void. Builders we have never seen or heard of before. They will need land and that land will need to be developed with curbs & gutters, street lights, sewers, and power, so that is good for the local economy. But watch the no name builders. They are not always as good as they appear. Another thing to watch are the sales reps will be moving and so will your main contact. It is good to have a Realtor involved.

Here is a chart showing Denver’s average sale price with a trend line imposed:

Denver real estate price trend

Denver real estate price trend

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Well Drilling in Highlands Ranch

Highlands Ranch Well drilling

Highlands Ranch Realtor capture drilling rig in action….notice sound barrier walls

As you drive by Highlands Ranch High School at University & Cresthill Drive you cannot miss the drilling rig with the curtains around it. Here is the story: During the 1970s The East Cherry Creek Valley drilled a water well as part of the Willows Water District. That well has reached the end of its usable life. In order for ECCV to continue to access this important part of its water supply, they must bore a new well. This work is expected to begin on Monday, July 7. During certain phases, work will run 24 hours a day. While a sound reduction wall is in place, and nighttime safety lighting will be directed downward as much as possible, some noise and light disturbances may occur. An overview of ECCV’s water well reconstruction projects can be found at The District will also be providing regular updates via Facebook and Twitter. Finally, you can sign up for emails about the project’s progress by sending a message to Ask to be put on the list for Well WPA-1R. Thanks to Adam Smith, a Venneford Point & Friends Resident, for this information.

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Denver Real Estate still hard to find…its not Inventory

Denver Real Estate Market

Denver Realtor Pete Doty, Real Estate Market update

The Denver weekly real estate updates do not look any different…more homes going under contract than new listings being entered into the MLS. Prices were up on average in June by 8% versus the previous year in Denver and the median price was up by over 6%. These increases will eventually generate more inventory as folks decide it is time to make that move and take advantage of the gains made, especially in the last two years here in Denver.

One of the most interesting, but overlooked facts in Denver’s real estate market, is the addition of additional cities to the database…Boulder and Colorado Springs are now, at least partially integrated into the system. Therefore, the shortage of homes to sell is even more acute than it appears.

It is very important to remember, it is not inventory we are short of in the Denver real estate market…it is people willing to sell and make a move. The emotions of packing and moving can be very trying, yet we have younger families who want to make that move into a home they can make their own. So you will see increased efforts by builders to create those first and 2nd time home communities. Realtors are welcomed by builders in Denver as valuable assets to the home buying process. Take yours with you when you visit a new home community.

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