Is this the person to represent you selling your Denver Home

Denver House for sale…this description is visible online… I saw this on a new property listing today in the Denver MLS…

“Seller did not have time to complete the repairs before they went on vacation”.
or read…”Hey Bad guys! No one is home. Come empty my house! And here is the address”.

Denver real estate is wonkie enough and  lots of weird things can happen, we do not need to add to the issues. Experience tells me to NEVER publish this kind of information because your security is paramount. What happens is newer agents get excited and want to show their value and they just say too much, especially when it is a friend who has chosen them to sell their Denver Home.

Something I am seeing more often than I care to admit when I am out showing properties to clients in Denver are un-escorted buyers leaving the property. I try to challenge them and ask for a card so I can see they are in fact Realtors, but you just know they are not. We cannot control what folks do once they have the lock box combination, but again experience allows me to track everyone who has had access to your home.

Unsolicited advice here: when you want to sell your Denver Home, get an experienced professional, not your best friend! That is, unless you want your house cleaned…out! Hopefully that will not happen.

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About Pete Doty

As a Realtor® Pete has been working in the Denver residential market since he first started in 1985, and focusing primarily in the south end of town. He finds the client the home they want, and then help them sell it when they want to move. Marketing is really where his heart is, and making sure his clients’ interests are watched over in Littleton, Highlands Ranch, Parker, Castle Rock, Centennial, Englewood, Morrison or Denver. His web site ranks high in search rankings and generates numerous relocating buyers each year. Talk to Pete for a unique perspective on today's real estate market in Denver.
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