Should your next Denver Realtor be your BFF?

Friends in Business are different than BFFs! When you are buying or selling a home, you want some key attributes in your next Denver Realtor. Sure, you want someone who can be fun, but also a professional, but not always boring. Here are some things you should look for:

TRUST: Any inkling that this person is just telling you what you want to hear should cause you to run away. You need the confidence that what you say is confidential and, like a doctor, only used to help you.

EXPERIENCE: 30 plus years here in Denver can help you understanding the challenges you might face: aluminum wiring; an older roof; that trampoline; an estate; even a basement full of model trains. What do you do? Those are answers I can help you with.

REACHABLE: When you have a question, how quickly does he get back to you? Or does he answer his calls? I hate voice mail, so I would rather answer the call and, if I can, answer the question or get back to you with the answer. I appreciate that level of service too.

PERSONABLE: Do you feel comfortable talking to this person? Or do you feel rushed? You need to feel free to ask questions, and he needs to understand what you want to know, and why.

INTEGRITY: They either have it or they don’t. You want a Realtor who has it. GO to This Denver Realtors standards page

NEGOTIATING SAVVY: Sometimes a clue presents itself in the way the other guy breathes, or talks. I might even know them from past deals here in Denver. Either way, you want someone who can drill down and get to the important items for you and the buyer, to make sure the right deal is done.

BROKER OR ASSOCIATE: A broker runs his office & company and broker  associates work for him. So who do you want to work with? The boss or someone who has to “check with my broker?”

LOAN KNOWLEDGE: Who will buy your home? Conventional, FHA, VA? Can you do seller carry terms? Do you want to? This is all part of the buyer demographic that suggests who your buyer will be and that I can then target.

MARKET KNOWLEDGE: Does this person understand my neighborhood? What trends and prices are happening here? And the bigger picture? Today’s world of computers allows us to be able to give you a run down on all of the above quickly.

BUYER’S AGENT/SELLER’S AGENT: Both is better so look for someone who offers a perspective from both sides…like what do seller’s expect today in Denver? Or what can a buyer do to enhance an offer? If you see both sides regularly it can help answer the questions.

TURKEY DINNER: Can you imagine buying a home in Highlands Ranch or Denver with a friend or relative who blew it, and then listening to them tell everyone at the picnic or other gathering what a great job they did for you! It could change your circle of friends! (go back to the first item and review).

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As a Realtor® Pete has been working in the Denver residential market since he first started in 1985, and focusing primarily in the south end of town. He finds the client the home they want, and then help them sell it when they want to move. Marketing is really where his heart is, and making sure his clients’ interests are watched over in Littleton, Highlands Ranch, Parker, Castle Rock, Centennial, Englewood, Morrison or Denver. His web site ranks high in search rankings and generates numerous relocating buyers each year. Talk to Pete for a unique perspective on today's real estate market in Denver.
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