Train Wreck in Littleton Colorado

A sulphur train derailed in downtown Littleton Colorado on 1-16-2009 and I was lucky enough to be there when the clean up started. We stayed till about 12:30 and the police decided we all need to leave at about 1:30. This will be rare footage of a once in a lifetime event and to be right on top of the activity is amazing.

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Why a train? Colorado steam engines reflect an earthiness and a simpler time when a handshake did not include a 16 page contract to buy and sell real estate. We can still make those old steam monsters run, but there are better, faster, more efficient ways to get that job done. Every day I learn new things about the people I work with and the real estate they want to buy or sell in Littleton, Englewood, or Centennial. I learn about things they want, desire and how to help them find their perfect home in metro Denver, Colorado. This way I learn how to negotiate better for them and get a better, stronger deal done.
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